Summertime Sadness

You and I Were Born To Die

Lana Del Rey
I was first introduced to the wonderful Lana Del Rey with her songs Video Games, Born To Die, and Blue Jeans. And when I heard Blue Jeans I thought I had died and gone to Heaven; could someone really have just wrote something so amazing and dark? So naturally I had to watch the music videos, and little did I know that Born To Die was part 2 of the tragic romance she was outlining.

I don’t know why, but there was something about the fact that their love for each other was so wrong and so right at the same time. It was so creepy how she knew he was wrong for her from the beginning, but that she couldn’t stop herself from falling in love.

Admit it, we were all sreaming get out of the water when we saw her swimming with crocodiles in Blue Jeans. Little did we know that the crocodile was a metaphor for him, and that he would (spoiler alert) eventually kill her in Born To Die. So sad and so beautiful all at the same time. And that pretty much sums up Lana Del Rey in a nutshell for you.

Check out the Blue Jeans video here
Check out the Born to Die video here


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