You Want To Be On Top?

When I say Tyra Banks, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? America’s Next Top Model? Talk show host? Sports Illustrated? All very true, but how many of you think scholar? Or Havard graduate, because, yea that happened. Tyra Banks graduated from Harvards Business School, and it looks like she’s found a new purpose for that degree.

Have a look at some of the Tyra Beauty collection here

Tyra has announced the launch of her new beauty line, Tyra Beauty (super original name but we’ll go with it). So far the line is comprised of nine products: lipsticks, double-ended eyeliner, mascara, stick blush and bronzer. I feel fierce just by talking about this.

In true Tyra fashion, each product is matched with a fun Tyra-like title, suggesting that if you buy the Smize eyeliner you can flirt with the camera like she does….I WANT.


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