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Meet M83 And Their Amazing Music

So I have an obsession with this band. They are on constant repeat on my Ipod and I’m yet to get tired of them. If you haven’t heard of M83, you’re missing out. Formed in 2001, Anthony Gonzalez, Jordan Lawlor, Loïc Maurin, Morgan Kibby, Yan Gonzalez and Ian Young make up this electronic band from France.

Moving up in the world they toured with the likes of Kings of Leon in 2008, The Killers in 2009, and in 2010 they opened for Depeche Mode sparking a collaboration between the two.

I find their music to be incredibly inspirational and if you haven’t heard Outro (from the Cloud Atlas movie trailer at 3.21) I feel bad for you. M83 created the soundtrack for the Tom Cruise flick Oblivion, featuring the amazing songs I’m Sending You Away, StarWaves, and the title theme Oblivion.

Their newest song Wait from the film The Fault in Our Stars may just make a believer out of you yet, and if that doesn’t do it then Too Late or My Tears Are Becoming a Sea will. With so many songs on their roster, one of them is bound to hypnotize you.

Listen to Outro
Listen to I’m Sending You Away
Listen to StarWaves
Listen to Oblivion
Listen to Wait
Listen to Too Late
Listen to My Tears Are Becoming a Sea


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