Jasmine Tookes Beauty Secret

No joke this actually works. So I was on one of my favourite beauty sites Into The Gloss and came across this article on Jasmine Tookes beauty regime. 1 I clicked on it because I’m obsessed with her and think she’s beautiful thus, I want her skin, and 2 She has my name, therefore we’re twins!

Jasmine washes her face with Cetaphil and then uses an ice cube to rub on her face until it’s gone. When I read this I thought that was incredibly strange and could therefore never work. No matter if it was an old trick she learned from her mother. Alas curiosity got the better of me, so I tried it. I can’t even explain how smooth my skin felt after, and I have pretty dry skin, so that’s saying something.

She’s also suggested opening a pill capsule of Vitamin E (she uses the ones from Duane Reade) in order to rub the oil on your face. Do I dare?


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