My Little Universe

I Apparently Can’t Just Be Friends With You. The Struggle is Real

Now I don’t ever want to stereotype a group of people, but I think I can say this with almost certainty, men are idiots. I fail to understand why they can’t see what’s right in front of them. These are the things that drive me absolutely insane.

One of my closet friends is a guy, and he’s not only my best friend but he’s my ex boyfriends best friend as well. I guess you can say he and I have that will they won’t they relationship. Now it’s nothing as crazy as Ross and Rachel from Friends or as annoying as Dawson and Joey from Dawson’s Creek. But in my own little universe it’s intense. Alas, he doesn’t see it that way, and is too busy fooling around with all the wrong women to see the right one. Typical.

I was venting the obvious flaw in homeboy’s life to my friend when she- ever the competitor- went into detail on how she was in the exact same situation. Except that she turned it around and made her boy fall in love with her. Thus telling me that the flaw wasn’t in him but in me. She never lets me win.

So how should I go about taking what I want? There’s the seductive approach, but I’m not sexy so that won’t work. Then there’s the endearing cute act, but I’m just awkward and weird so that would be a no. Or there’s the waiting quietly and suffering in pain. #FML

Okay, so new plan. Tell him how I feel, get horribly mortified and cry in a corner? I like it, this has promise. Of course I’ll have to deal with the inevitable I can’t be with you because you’re so-and-so’s ex and blah blah blah. Man, I hate being friend zoned.


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