If I Were a Comic Book Character, I’d Be a Villain

I’ve said it time and time again, DC (the comics!) is far superior to Marvel (again, the comics), however, ever so often Marvel gets it right. And if there’s one thing about the Marvel universe I love, it’s The X-Men. And to be honest, most of that is because of Magneto, my all time favourite Marvel character (with Storm as a close second).

Some may wonder why I love Magneto so much, and not to worry, I shall explain. First off, he’s really not that bad of a guy. Yes he hates humans and sorta wants to rule over them, but that’s just semantics. Listen, if you were a mutant who was being hunted because of how you were born, maybe you’d be a little pissed also. All I’m saying is that if lines were drawn in the sand, I would be on his team over Professor X any day.

Magneto, also known as Max Eisenhardt (or Erik Magnus Lehnsherr if you only follow the films, and in that case shame on you!) is one of the strongest and most intelligent mutants out there. He has the power to manipulate any metal and is a general bad-ass. I suppose he can sometimes cross the line (like when he kills #NotCool) but he’s had a rough life and as a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, his actions are driven by the purpose of protecting the mutant race from suffering a similar fate to that of his parents.

Any second now, my mutant powers are going to be up and running, and when that blessed day comes, it’s going to be straight up world domination. Or at the very least I’d be rich.


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