Victoria’s Secrets Kelly Gale’s Inspiring Story

I have a love hate relationship with Victoria’s Secret, I can honestly say that I’ve got drawers and drawers full of their stuff and love to watch their runway shows, but the models piss me off from time to time. I miss the days when the models were actually curvy and represent sex appeal. Now they’re just skinny with big (ish) bobs and no butts…like at all. Don’t get me wrong, these woman are beautiful, I just don’t feel like angels are curvy anymore. So when I come across a model that I actual like, I’ve got to talk abut them, and today it’s Kelly Gale.

Kelly Gale is absolutely beautiful, this year will be her second show walking in Victoria’s Secret catwalk, so she sat down with Vogue Magazine to talk about how she got to were she is.

Growing up in Sweden, living in Ghana and spending some time in Australia has made this Indian Australian model a world traveler. But what we didn’t know was that she was bullied in school because of her beauty and talent. I tell you, there’s nothing worse than jealous women, especially when they’re children.

Gale began modeling when she was 13 after an agency approached her at 12. What attracted her about this opportunity was the chance to see herself as beautiful, especially since she was picked on and called ugly for being “different”. This alone just enrages me, I hate when people are called different just because they’re not a certain race.

Once word got out that Gale was modeling with H&M the jealous bullies come out in full flight. Thinking that she was no better than them, the other students called the same agency to try and get in the business. The result, rejection (muhahahaha, that’s poetic justice if you ask me) and they’re little hearts just couldn’t handle the fact that Gale was ultimately better than them. So what’s the next logical choice of action? Attack her, alienate her, make her feel pathetic; aka girl world.

It got to the point when Gale had to switch schools just to avoid the torment, and she’s never looked back since. That a girl! The part I find hilarious, is that now that homegirl is a huge success, all these girls are calling her their best friend, adding her on Facebook, and liking her Instagram pictures. All I can say is, ain’t nobody got time for women like that!

Read her full interview here


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