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So Into You, Literally The Best Song

Have you ever had this one song that just hits home for you? Because I have many, but the one I want to talk about today is arguably the most special of them all, and it’s surprisingly not by Lana Del Rey.

Back in the good old days of music there was this extremely talented artist Tamia, and she made a brilliant song called So Into You. Alone this song was pretty epic, but when Fabolous got on the track and the song transcended into brilliance. No joke. Whenever it comes on my Ipod I can’t help but replay it a couple times, it’s nothing major or anything, maybe like 3 times… or 6ish.

So Into You came off of Fabolous’s second studio album Sweet Dreams and was his third single. Apparently there are two different versions of this song, one featuring Ashanti and one with Tamia. Since the Tamia version is the soundtrack to my life, we’ll ignore the Ashanti version for the time being.


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