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Surprising TV Deaths (P.S Obvious Spoilers Ahead)

As a huge TV buff I tend to get slightly attached to certain characters, so when the TV gods go and kill them I’m pretty much devastated, I will curl up into a ball and cry. Toodles world I’m out.

You know that feeling when something shocking happens and you’re brain takes a couple seconds to catch up? Well that happens to me while I watch TV, or at the very least ever time I watch Game of Thrones. I literally just sit there for 5 minuets, mouth open, drool oozing out, brain shut down. And then once I catch my breath I’ll yell “I’m sorry what just happened?!” to the air because I have no friends.

Here’s a list of the most shocking TV deaths for me. I’m sure there are couple deaths I missed (cough, cough Breaking Bad) but I still haven’t finished that series so I choose not to include it, although it was pretty intense when Hank died.

Did I miss any? Who’s TV death shocked you the most?


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