Vogue Meets Barbie

Models Become Living Dolls in Vogue's December/January 2015 Issue
I can’t even begin to count how much they nailed it with this shot! For the longest time I’ve associated being a plastic doll with being a model. All Barbie has done is set unrealistic standards of how women should look, and as such, defined what it means to be beautiful to children.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I loved playing with my Barbie dolls as a child, and I never understood why my mother insisted that I find Barbie’s that “looked more like me” or seemed “more realistic”. At the time I just wanted to have fun and be done with it. It wasn’t until I got older that I started to pick up on certain ideologies that I had as a child. I wanted long hair, I had to be skinny and I was in search for the perfect boy (aka, a Ken doll). I constantly questioned why I didn’t fit in, and why I couldn’t look like those beautiful girls on TV.

Well it looks like the fashion industry has finally caught on to what women have been saying for years about Barbie. Vogue Paris’ December/January 2015 feature by Italian photographer Giampaolo Sgura is a Barbie-inspired shoot. Models Elisabeth Erm and Magdalena Frackowiak are set up to look like dolls and are packaged up and everything.

Just more objectification of women in the fashion industry folks, no big deal or anything. Giampaolo Sgura pays incredible attention to detail with each shot, right down to those twisty ties that used to hold Barbie in place when we were kids.

Some of the dolls included are the classic pink Moschino doll, a Chanel socialite, a Miu Miu cheerleader, and the Saint Laurent David Bowie impersonator. I can’t lie, they are pretty cool, albeit creepy.

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One thought on “Vogue Meets Barbie

  1. These are really neat looking barbie dolls! The styles and the realtic faces are awesome. The other day i was in winners and i saw astronaut barbie! Shes really done it all now! Lol


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