Lights, Camera, Action

Adidas Asks What You Think A Superstar Is

The love of my life is staring in Adidas’s latest advertisement, outlining that people should stop being obsessed with your own fame. Take notes selfie queens.

Who is the love of my life? That would be David Beckham starring alongside A-list talent like Rita Ora, Pharrell Williams and basketball player Damian Lillard. Together they question what it means to be a star.

Pharrell asks if being a star means that you have to stay relevant while Rita Ora wonders if it means being a face, a name, or a signature. Stating that ‘If you think a superstar is having a stylist, security, being unpredictable, being the face, the name, the signature with people on the street, people in other countries, people you’ll never meet, telling you that you’re special…’ then If you think that’s what makes a superstar, then I am not a superstar.

I won’t lie, I loved this campaign. Well played Adidas, you guys are totally the #OriginalSuperstar.


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