The Fantastic Four 2015 Trailer Is Out!

I am a fan of all things from comics, and although I prefer DC to Marvel, the Marvel universe in film has definitely taken a lead role. The trailer for the reboot Fantastic Four film came out today, so obviously I need to talk about it, as this is one of the sic-fi and fantasy films I mention being the most excited about.

This reboot franchise for the Fantastic Four takes a darker spin on the tales of Reed Richards played by the hilarious Miles Teller, Sue Storm played by Kate Mara, Johnny Storm played by Michael B. Jordan and Ben Grimm played by Jamie Bell.

This film has more of an Interstellar vibe to it, focusing on adventure with a somber tone. What I specifically enjoyed with the voice over throughout the trailer and the lack of contact between any of the characters. It leads me to believe that the heart of this film will be the team coming together to defeat their foe, which I’m assuming is Doctor Doom, portrayed by Toby Kebbell

Check out the trailer below! Has it got you nerding out?


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