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Being A Virgo

I have to say, I’ve never paid much attention to or cared about my astrological sign. But one day my friend and I were incredibly bored and decided to see what our signs said about ourselves and each other. We wanted to see if we were compatible with each other, or what the always right Google had to say about our personalities.

Being born at the beginning of September makes me a virgo, and I must admit, although I know very little about what it means to be a virgo I never thought of myself as such. Virgos are supposed to be gentle and analytical, two things I am not. However, on the flip side they are supposed to be cold and skeptical…guilty as charged, I have an issue with showing my emotions and letting people in.

This is where it got creepy and freakishly accurate, apparently virgos seem cold and detached with relationships because they’re just afraid of getting hurt. They play hard to get because they’re challenging people to fight for them, however once a virgo is in love they will forever be devoted, loyal, and yours. It just takes some time to get them to that point.

When I read this it was like a lightbulb went off in my head, I legitimately do this to everyone. I think it just may be the secret to why I’m single…

I decided to do more research and find out what my future holds for the month of February, also known as the month of Valentine’s Day, or if you’re me: the month of eating chocolate on my couch with my cat.

    First off I need to stop being so hard on myself and try this thing people call positivity. Hmmmm, I’ve heard of this, I suppose I should give it a try then?
    Second I need to work on my self confidence, now this isn’t that pretend confidence that I walk around with as a form of armour, no this is where I have to believe that I’m not a waste of space. I won’t lie, this one will be challenging.
    Here’s where it gets interesting, apparently by the 18th prince charming will be knocking on my door just waiting to sweep me off my feet. I’m super excited about this one.

In order to find some happiness, it looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me this month. I’ve got to get confidence and be positive. This all sounds easier said then done, but I can tell you one thing, there may just be something to this whole astrology thing.

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