Spider-Man Joins Marvel and The Avengers

It looks like Spider-Man has been invited to the ball after all! Sony Pictures Entertainment has finally announced that they will be bringing Marvel into the Spider-Man universe, and all I can say is it’s about damn time.

Back in good ol’ comic book lore, Spider-Man is a crucial part of the Avengers. Himself included, his team consisted of Wolverine, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, and Iron Man. Although there were many re-imaginings of this story, they were pretty much the faces of the campaign.

In the cinematic universe, poor little Spidy has had some issues getting on his feet. The first Spider-Man film was released in 2002 and starred Tobey Maguire. This film was a hit and sent audiences in a frenzy, especially after the release of the sequel in 2004, however the series went downhill with the third film. It was nothing short of an embarrassment. So what did they do? Reboot Spider-Man in 2012, starring Andrew Garfield. The reboot films did surprisingly well, however none have given Spider-Man the true spot of a Marvel hero.

Now it’s been released that Spider-Man will appear in a Marvel film from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, I won’t lie, I’m thinking that he’ll show his friendly neighbourhood face during Captain America: Civil War, which is due for release in 2016. But I guess only time will tell.

The only issue I have with this news is that Spidy will once again be recast for the big move. I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that Andrew Garfield does not want to reprise his role of the Marvel hero after this third instalment in the Amazing Spider-Man series. So once again, we well be treated with a new face and a new take on the character.

What do you think about this Spider-Man news? Are you excited to see him take his place in The Avengers?



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