Amanda Waller Has Been Cast in DC’s Suicide Squad

I actually think that my dreams are coming true with this news! It looks like the Suicide Squad has got some more interesting casting news that I’ve obviously got to discuss.

Amanda Waller is one of my favourite human characters to come out of the DC universe. She controls the Suicide Squad with only one mission, take down the Justice League; let’s just say she’s got some issues with aliens, people with powers, or anything else not government issued.

She’s one tough lady that you don’t want to mess with, regardless of the fact that she has no powers. She has no problem “eliminating” an asset whenever she sees fit, and will typically implant explosives in the Suicide Squads heads to keep them in line. One wrong move and BOOM!

This role has been portrayed by the amazing Pam Grier in Smallville, Spartacus’s own Cynthia Addai-Robinson in Arrow, and voiced by the iconic Emmy nominated actress C. C. H. Pounder in the Justice League series. However, my all time fave was Angela Bassetts portrayal of the character in Green Lantern, I always imagined her to play Amanda Waller…at least until now.

But now it looks as though Academy Award winner Viola Davis is stepping in as Amanda Waller for DC’s Suicide Squad film, set to be released in 2016. This woman certainly has the talent, the skill, and the attitude to play Amanda Waller. Aside from Angela Bassett there’s literally no one in the world I could have pictured in this role. I’m beyond stoked!

Alas, with good news comes the bad, as Tom Hardy will no longer be playing the role of Rick Flagg. I was looking forward to him being a part of this all star cast, so now I guess it’s a guessing game of who can fill his shoes until then.

Are you excited about this casting choice? Who do you think should play Rick Flagg?


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