Jason Momoa is Aquaman!

Continuing my love for all things DC news I was a tad overjoyed when I found out that Jason Momoa was cast as Aquaman. So I was pretty shocked when I found that some people had an issue with this obvious amazing news.

First off, this has been a pretty exciting couple of days for DC as they just released some new casting information for the Suicide Squad film along with their poster image of the smoking hot Jason Momoa as Aquaman which ultimately broke the internet. This poster just reaffirmed my belief that he’s going to kick ass in this film; he just looked so bomb. People have been complaining about the colour of his suit being too grey which I think may just be a poster thing, I’m sure in the actually film they’ll include the full Aquaman colours.

Then there’s the issue that people think his character is going to be too “Game of Thrones like” and far too violent…..PARDON ME?! Clearly people with this issue know nothing about the new direction Aquaman (aka the only one that matters), not to worry, I shall educate you.

Aquaman is a badass, he literally has no issue with letting the entire world be destroyed as long as Atlantis remains. I mean, the man cut his own arm off for crying out loud. If anything, Jason Momoa needs to become even darker to channel the inter turmoil that Aquaman faces. He’s a man of 2 worlds, part human and part Atlantian, so he’s got to find balance between both sides.

I’m so excited for this movie, here’s hoping it’s amazing! Are you excited?



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