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True Friends vs Bad Friends

Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of ‘sometimes friends’ in my life, but if there’s one thing that growing up has taught me it’s learning to let go. Sadly, the group of people that you called your bff’s in high school will not be the same as your crew in university, and once you graduate, you’ll be lucky to keep even half of that group around. Things change, people come and go, and as you get older you realize who your true friends are.

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As many people must know by now, life is almost like a revolving door of friends. It’s crazy how different points in your life are defined by the people you spend it with. Perhaps you were really into the club scene when you were hanging out with this person, or at this point in your life all you did was drink sangria and lay by the pool with this person, or maybe it was all about the trips to Mexico with this person; either way, when you look back at life there will always be someone you can associate it with.

Recently I’ve felt like I look at the world with an entire new outlook. I used to hold such value on my friendships, trying my absolute hardest to fight to keep them. However, as I get older, I’m beginning to fight less and less. People will inevitably let you down. This is the hard honest truth that I’ve learned. And if you let them, they will walk all over you. The one thing that I noticed about myself is that I would try to go out of my way to make my friends happy, but I would rarely get anything in return, and that ends now.

JasmineShanelle on We ❤ It

If you’re going to bitch and complain because I wasn’t there for you one time when you have never been there for me before, I’m done. You can’t always get what you want princess, so just stop.

I used to think that having a massive group of friends was the only way to go through life, but I’m beginning to re-evaluate that decision. I’d rather have just a handful of amazing friends I can count on than 20 who all flop, never listen, only care about themselves, and are all spoiled drama queens. It’s always sad to have to say goodbye to so someone, but I like to treat my friendships like relationships: if you’re boyfriend cheats on you and treats you bad how many times are you going to go back to him before you gain the strength to say ‘Stop’ and walk away? The same can be said about friendships, I can only take so much of people’s crap before I have to walk away. It’s tough and it’s sad, but regrettably, it’s life.

I’m putting my foot down, maybe it’s time you do the same


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