15 Epic Trailers That Got Me Pumped

Typically, when people go to the movies they’re most excited about watching the film itself. But for me, I get the most excited about the trailers I’ll see in the theatre. I’m not sure why, but there’s something about watching epic movie trailers that gets me pumped! And for the purpose of this list, I’m going to focus on movies that have already come out and that I’ve personally seen.

Cloud Atlas

The fact that this trailer featured my favourite song by M83 is just one of the many reasons I became obsessed with it. Not only was this one of my favourite movies of the year, but the trailer managed to capture audiences without giving away the entire plot. It was simply beautiful.


Pretty much anything that involved Hans Zimmer music and Christopher Nolan as a director has my attention. Add an intricate movie plot with Leonardo DiCaprio leading the way, and you’ve got yourself a winner. 


This film adaptation of the celebrated graphic novel Watchmen got some flack, however I remain a true fan of the film. Yes it was incredibly long, and for some it stayed a little too close to the original plot of the graphic novel. However all of these elements were fine with me. 

X-men Days of Future Past

The X-men film franchise has had it’s ups and it’s down with their movies (cough, cough X-Men Last Stand), but this movie was just plain epic. There’s no other way to describe it. And the trailer was above all else, bad ass.

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Although this prequel series was nothing sort of a disappointment for true Star Wars fans, I can’t help but admit that when this trailer came out we all hoped for the best. It was a true nerdgasm moment in history if I’ve ever seen one.

The Dark Knight Rises

Another Christopher Nolan film with music by Hans Zimmer…are you noticing a pattern here? For me a trailer is all about the music, and The Dark Knight Rises had all the epic elements I needs for the final chapter in this gritty take on Batman.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2

I’ve never been so excited for a trailer as I was when this came out. Being my age and growing up in the 90s, reading Harry Potter was like a right of passage. We grew up with the characters, so seeing the trailer for the final 2 films was like opening presents on Christmas morning.

The Fault in Our Stars

Watching this trailer I knew nothing about the plot or that it was based on the amazing book by John Green. But after I saw this I proceeded to go out, buy the book, and finish it in a night. I was hooked.


I fangirled hard when I saw this trailer, I’m obsessed with the Alien franchise, so hearing that a prequel was coming out I just about died. Unfortunately, the movie did not live up to my expectations and left my with over a million questions. But, to be honest, I’ll definitely be one of those people lining up to see the next film. I just need to know dammit! 

Terminator Salvation

Christian Bale as John Conner? Hells yea! When this trailer came on in the theatre, people just about started clapping with excitement. Too bad the film was just a mediocre experience. Ah well, you can’t have it all.


This is one of the only films that I enjoyed seeing in 3D. Although it’s pretty much an epic sic-fi tale of Pocahontas I loved every second of it. I must have watched the trailer at least 50 times before finally seeing it in theatres…3 times.

Snow White and The Huntsman

Aside from the fact the this movie caused such a scandal when the world not only discovered that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were dating, but that she was cheating on him with the director of this film…who was married, this trailer had quite the buzz. I was pretty excited to see a dark and gritty take on the Disney classic Snow White. What I got was..well…dark, I mean I guess.

Star Trek

I may not be the biggest fan of this J.J Abrams film, but I was pretty excited after watching this trailer. Sure the film destroyed the Trek timeline, blew up Vulcan, and made people around the world think they know something about Star Trek WITHOUT watching the series…buuuut the trailer itself was pretty awesome.

The Avengers

I’m a huge comic book fan so any trailer that comes out on the subject I immediately die. Gathering the Avengers together after most of the characters had their own stand alone films was nothing short of genius. To me, this was the trailer that started it all.


What could be a better trailer than having a voice over from Bryan Cranston? I mean the man’s a genius. The past Godzilla films have been pretty terrible, so I was excited when I saw this trailer get back to the action and fear of the original Godzilla. And to be honest, I actually didn’t mind the movie.

What’s your fave movie trailer?

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