WMCFW: Toronto Fashion Week 2015

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I got a little taste of Heaven as I got to attend some of the shows during Toronto Fashion Week, and it was pretty awesome! Although you’re standing outside in the cold wearing God knows what, and you putting in some long hours attending the events, trust me, it’s all worth it in the end!

I thought I’d put together some of my fave moments from the shows I went to. My absolute number one moment was when I introduced myself to the legendary Stacey McKenzie! Omg I thought I had died, my only regret was that I didn’t take a picture with her. I was too busy being starstruck. Let’s just say I fan girled hard at this moment.

My favourite show was probably Stephan Caras! First off I loved the music, they played Lana Del Rey, Jennifer Lawrence’s The Hanging Tree, and London Grammar, could that get any better? Second, the collection featured things I’d want to wear, including lace, cut outs, this magnificent patterned jumper, and all black and red pieces. Third, they had a performer perfectly open the show.

I also enjoyed Lolë Women, this is an activewear line, and they opened the show with an interesting dance meets yoga-like performance. I enjoyed this show strictly because I wanted to wear all of the clothes to the gym, or even hit up the slopes for skiing (regardless of the fact that I hate to ski).

Other amazing shows gave me some fun surprises like having a baby on stage, trees in the background, glitter, and more! Just another day in Toronto, no big deal or anything.

Browse through some of my shots from Toronto Fashion Week below

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