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My Recent TV Addictions

With the summer fast approaching (can’t wait!) I thought it was high time that I look at some recent (ish) shows that have got me pretty obsessed. I’m looking at TV shows that are relatively new, with only 1-3 seasons out so far.

If there’s one thing I will always make time for, it’s TV. I can absolutely get lost in TV land, there are even times when I wish that certain characters existed in real life. No shame.

I have the same issue with books, there’s just something that I find so intriguing about another fantasy world. Because, let’s be honest here, it’s much more exciting then my day-to-day life that’s for sure.

Click through some of my recent TV addictions below! What are yours?


4 thoughts on “My Recent TV Addictions

  1. I have been looking around on your blog and all your posts are so well-written, and very interesting. I just followed and can’t wait to read more of your content (I am a total tv guru as well). đŸ™‚

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