The Best of Marvel: The X-Men

As a DC fan, I don’t have many good things to say about Marvel (and no, I’m not talking about the film franchise). I swear my goal in life is to remind people that everything DC did years later Marvel would come out with a copycat. DC’s Flash came out in 1940, Marvel’s Quicksilver in 1964; DC’s Green Arrow came out in 1941 while Marvel’s Hawkeye was around 1964, get my point. Now some will argue that Marvels copied characters are better than DC’s and to be honest I can’t even say anything to those people, because it’s just laughable #SorryNotSorry.

So I thought I’d give Marvel a break from my constant bashing and talk about their only saving grace for me, and that’s with the X-Men. Now I’ve already mentioned my love for Magneto, but I figured I could do a countdown of my favourite X-Men characters (once again, these are from the comics and NOT the films).

What is it about X-Men that I love? Well for starters they were an original idea that Marvel didn’t steal from DC, so that was a plus. They also held a realistic message of inequality and injustice in the world, which I enjoy. And even though I’m team Magneto over Xavier any day, I love most all the characters.

Click through my top 10 favourite X-Men characters below. Who’s your number 1?

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