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Tissues At The Ready: My Pick For The 10 Saddest Lost Deaths

There comes a time in life when you watch that one TV show that just pulls on some serious heart strings. And this happens more than a couple of times on the hit show Lost.

At the time, Lost was one of the most groundbreaking series to ever grace television. And while it ‘lost’ some of it’s footing in the later seasons, it still stands as one of my favourite shows to date.

Why you ask? For me it wasn’t just the compelling story, but it was with the characters, and how attached I got to them. So have your tissues at the ready and prepare to go through the 10 saddest Lost deaths. And in case it wasn’t apparent, there’s some major spoiler alerts below!

10. Daniel Faraday

Until the very end, Daniel was just used and abused by his mother, for “the greater good”.

9. Boone

This was so sad because it was the first main character death, but little did we know there was a hell of a lot more to come.

8. Ana Lucia and Libby

The death of these two characters was not so much sad as it was shocking. It brought up millions of questions: what was Michael doing? What did this have to do with his son? And most importantly, how would Hurley react to Libby’s death?

7. Jin and Sun

I…just…can’t. Sun and Jin became one of the best Lost couples out there! Which was surprising, since Jin was so hated in the first season.

6. Locke

Not only was he the staple of this show, but having him murdered by Ben when he was at his ultimate low was a horrible way for his character to go out. Just so sad, he deserved more.

5. Alex

Not only was it sad to watch Ben act like he didn’t love his daughter, but it was heartbreaking because Alex died thinking her own father never loved her and wouldn’t sacrifice himself for her.

4. Jin (the first time)

My heart shattered into millions of pieces watching Sun scream for Jin as the boat exploded. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever recover from that scene. Thanks Heavens he lived…just to die again, but at least he died with Sun.

3. Charlie

Probably known as one of the most iconic scenes in the show, Charlie’s death (although we knew it was coming) took us on a journey of just how far his character came. And was the perfect send off to such an amazing character. Take notes for poor John Locke.

2. Juliet

All I ever wanted was for Sawyer to be happy, and he finally found it with Juliet, that is until she died practically in his arms. Aside from the finale, I’d never cried so hard in a show in my life.

1. Jack

The face of the show. Lost began with Jack opening his eyes and ended with him closing them. This was the perfect scene and the saddest one. Having Hurley cry when he knew Jack would die, having Vincent be there with him in his finale moments, and having us see the entire cast together again for one last time. Just perfect.


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