Suicide Squad Cast Photo’s So Far


So some cast photos for the upcoming film the Suicide Squad has been out for awhile now. I wanted to write about them as soon as they hit the internet, but I decide to wait and figure out my feelings on the matter first before letting it all out. To quote another joker: And here we go.

So I’ve been looking forward to DC’s lineup for awhile now, especially the Suicide Squad. And although I was nervous, I was pretty confident in Jared Leto’s ability to play the iconic role of The Joker. But after seeing the image of him in costume I began to have my doubts.

suicide-squad-cast-photos-so-far-02First off, I’m not a fan of the tattoos hahahahaha written all over his body. They just seem like over kill to me. Although he’s got the crazy eyes down perfectly, I’m worried that they’re going to stress his insanity to a point where it’s just too in your face. The beauty of The Joker is that his insanity is compelling and terrifying to watch, not embarrassing.

Then there was the most recent release of the cast photo. First things first, Will Smith and Margot Robbie look bomb! I obviously know Will Smith is going to blow this role out of the park (duh!) but seeing this image of Margot Robbie has restored my faith that she’ll do the role justice!

I also like how Jai Courtney looks as Captain Boomerang. It looks as though they’re trying to make his character more intense than in the comic, which I’m okay with because I have a slight, incredibly healthy crush on Jai Courtney.

suicide-squad-cast-photos-so-far-03Katana (played by Karen Fukuhara) looks awesome, but her outfit looks a tad too Halloween for my liking, but I’m willing to give it a try. Killer Croc (played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) looks like The Thing from The Fantastic Four movies, which is not a compliment. Cara Delevingne looks terrifying as Enchantress and I’m excited!

And why is The Joker not in this cast photo? Because he’s not a team player that’s why! And I have my theories that he’ll be spending this film reeking havoc and causing issues for everyone. At least that’s what he’d better be doing in the movie!

What do you think of this cast shot?


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