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Why Being Single Sucks


I can often be found wandering the city trying to get from one place to the other. I refuse to take the subway and enjoy a nice scenic walk. However my happy place gets absolutely obliterated by all the couples that constantly surround me and casually like to remind me “Jasmine you’re the only single girl in the world”…Yes I’m aware, thank you.

I was at work and reading this article on Flare magazine (because working at a magazine allows me to do these things #JobPerk!) about the woes of being a single girl. All I could think was preach girl, preach.

I’ve recently taken to stalking this trainer at the gym that I call the love of my life because he’s just so damn perfect. I actually wrote all about my stalking rules over on Destination Femme, and just when I thought I was making progress, my friend dropped a bomb on me.

She just got out of a 5-year plus relationship and already has her sights on this hot trainer at our gym. Thankfully, he’s not the same one I love, but she’s already managed to snag a date with him and is making future summer plans.


So what am I doing wrong? Well perhaps it’s that men don’t notice me, pay attention to me, or even really care when I’m around. There’s also that pesky issue I have of not being able to form sentences around men I find attractive. I should work on that. Apparently confidence is key, or at least that’s what my super hot friends with sexy boys lining up left, right and center for them tell me.

why-being-single-sucksI’m pretty sure everyone I know is in a relationship, getting married, or moving out with each other. Hell, some of them are even popping out kids (shudder). If I don’t pick up the pace I’m going to be that creepy cat lady from across the hall! At weddings when they ask the single ladies to catch the bouquet on the dance floor it’s usually just me. They’re may be one other single girl but she’s usually throwing up in the bathroom.

The worst part is the loneliness. During the week it’s not too bad since I’m busy with work, but come weekends it’s just the worst. I can never do the things I want because no one’s free to do them with me (insert sad face here) and I haven’t reached the confidence level to go at it alone.

why-being-single-sucksAs much as I’m enjoying my pity fest, I’m seriously concerned about the future. What do I do when it’s just me, myself, and I? Contrary to what Beyonce thinks, I can’t do that for the rest of my life.

Must. Have. Human. Contact. My life be like: go to work alone, go home alone, eat dinner alone, sleep alone, wake up alone, repeat everything alone. Ha! It would be hilarious if it weren’t so pitiful.

Soon when I go out to functions with my friends and ask the inevitable question: “Will there be any single people there for me to hang out with?” I’ll get the standard response “No, but there’s always that awkward teen table directly to your left to go hang out in”. I’ve hit rock bottom, oh goodie…


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