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Why I’m Hooked on The “Will-They-Won’t-They” Plot Lines


There’s something about an almost tragic romantic plot that has my enthralled with films, TV shows, and books. If there’s romance that has the two characters pining after each other, but never together, sign me up! I just love that stuff.

I love the drama that comes between our two star-crossed lovers: meet Bob and Jane.

They can’t be together because Bob loves someone else, but then finally admits his love for Jane when her ex-boyfriend Kevin comes back into town. Bob and Jane remain friends when, suddenly, she breaks up with Kevin! Only to discover that Bob’s fallen for her best friend, Amy! This ruins Jane and Amy’s friendship, so Jane seeks solace in that arms of the perfect man, but eventually she and Bob find their way back to each other, only to be ripped away once again because his father got a job in Alaska. Oh the drama!

Okay, so maybe I got carried away with all this. But to be honest, I’d watch that show in a heartbeat. Check out my list of favourite will-they-won’t-they couples below.

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