Emma Watson’s Best Red Carpet Looks So Far!


Who would have thought that little Hermione Granger would grow up and become such a power force! I have to say, in the film versions of the Harry Potter series, Hermione was not my fave (as oppose to the books when, aside from Ron, she was one of my favourite characters) and I used to blame Emma Watson for that. Now it looks as though I’ve got to swallow my words.

Emma Watson is a force to reckoned with, not only is she absolutely breath taking and an elegant beauty, but she also uses her fame to stand up for a cause. And her film selection isn’t bad either (Perks of Being a Wallflower anyone?).

But as we all know with Hollywood, it’s almost impossible for a star to get dressed all by themselves, even if they’re Emma Watson. I found this cool article on Fashionista, about Emma Watson’s stylist (who worked at Vogue, bonus!) Sarah Slutsky. It’s a really interesting read, click here to check it out.

It’s time to celebrate the amazing style that is Emma Watson with her best red carpet looks so far! Click through below! After all it’s Levi-OOO-sa, not Levio-SA!

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