Sometimes, You Just Need To Use a Little “Bleach” In Your Life


I’ve already expressed my love for the Asian persuasion and although I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to stop my love for Asian men, I still enjoy a good anime here and there.

I’ve been known to watch some K-Drama every once in awhile, but, now it’s time I discuss one of the shows that started it all for me- and no I’m not talking about Sailor Moon (although I suppose that is the first anime I ever watched but that’s minor details). I’m talking about Bleach! My all time fave anime.

Now some will disagree with me, saying that Naruto is better. And while I love that show as well, it doesn’t compare to Bleach. And I think that may have to do with the fact that I’ve got slight crushes on the characters (#obviously what else is new?).

Yes the will-they-won’t-they coupling is super annoying (Ichigo just love Orihime for the love of God!!), and yes the battles can drag out for far too long (I’m talking episodes). But I don’t care. I just love it…and the sexy characters.

Click through my picks for the top 10 hottest Bleach boys below! Who’s your number 1?

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