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Common Mistakes Women Make At The Gym


Working at a magazine means that I work with a lot of women. And aside from boys, fashion, and news, I hear a lot of chatter about workouts around the office. And, for the most part, it makes me want to cringe because there are so many things that they’re just doing wrong at the gym.

I’ve noticed that women tend to make a lot of common mistakes at the gym, and I think I have a reason why. When I first started to go to the gym, I went with a friend of mine who was a total gym buff. I swear all she did was workout in her spare time, so I was lucky enough to have someone show me the do’s and don’ts at the gym. Not everyone is so lucky.

common-mistakes-women-make-at-the-gymMost women get intimidated when they hit up the gym, especially if it’s a male/female gym like mine. When I first started going to the gym alone, I did what most women do, attend the classes and go on the elliptical. Now, that’s not to say that these are bad things because, no matter what, just going to the gym and putting in the effort is a good thing.

I find the classes to be very educational, because if you’re too shy to get your feet wet, the classes are a great way to teach you different moves and workouts to do on your own time and at your own speed, whether it’s faster or slower.

My issue, is when people get comfortable (or lazy) and they half ass a workout during the class, or they spend their entire time at the gym on the elliptical, and aren’t even using the machine properly.

I know it’s tough, believe me I went through the same issues when I started to get super healthy. Eventually, I had to go to the gym on my own, and I felt lost, so what did I do? I attended a couple of classes. The first couple of times I went, I could feel the difference in my body (#Winning!). But I couldn’t organize my time around the classes, sometimes they’d get cancelled and then what? Was I just not going to work out for the day? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

common-mistakes-women-make-at-the-gymI began using the moves I learned outside of the classroom, making friends with other members/trainers to get tips, and I found new ways to take my knowledge from my time at the classes and make it work for me. I added more weights to my workouts (no pain no gain!), went faster, worked out longer, and began making a schedule that worked for me.

Now when I go into work, I hear people talk about how they went to the gym for an hour and got “such a good workout on the elliptical”…it actually kills me to hear that. I know we can do better than that! We are young and strong! And dammit, we shall be fit if it’s the last thing I do!

Are you ready for a workout change? Got any new tips for me?!


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