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These Celebs Need To Form A Squad ASAP


Move over Swifty, there’s a new squad in town. I’m calling it from now: these stars need to form a super group like, yesterday.

I just have a feeling that this group of people should get together, love each other, and be the three best friends that anyone could have. Seriously guys, think about it!

These are the A-list stars that seem so down to earth and awesome, that I just want to be their friend okay? Check out my picks for Hollywood’s new It squad (that I’m calling The Cool Kids) below. Yay or nay? 

The Cool Kids: Emma Stone


My number one girl crush, Emma Stone is literally the coolest girl in Hollywood. She seems so down to earth, lovable, ridiculously talented, and tries (as much as she can) to keep her privacy while being a professional in this industry (major brownie points). Emma Stone kills it in every interview, she just seems like the type of girl we all want to hang out with. Her fashion is on point and, seriously, how cute are her and Andrew Garfield? They’re still together right?

The Cool Kids: Jennifer Lawrence


J-Law has seriously stolen the hearts of…well everyone. With her quirky behavior and tendency to say whatever’s on her mind, Jennifer Lawrence is the girl we all want to be friends with. She likes to stay out of the limelight, and keep things casual. But when she rocks the red carpet, she OWNS it. Plus she works with Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone worked with Bradley Cooper…I’m just saying! And not to mention when she shared her thoughts with Vanity Fair on the photo hacking scandal being a sex-crime. Homegirl’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and fight for all women- not just those in Hollywood. Speaking of, that brings me to my next pick…

The Cool Kids: Emma Watson


I mean, what can I say about Emma Watson that hasn’t already been said? She’s kind of perfect. Just an all around amazing human being, beautiful, insanely stylish and stands up for a good cause. Remember her HeForShe campaign anyone? Little Hermione Granger has come a long way from saving Harry Potter’s butt and marrying Ron Weasley. Yes, Swifty has already tried to claim Emma but I think she’d be more comfortable on the sidelines with this awesome group, no?

The Cool Kids: Emilia Clarke


Game of Thrones alumni, Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi aka The Mother of Dragons seems like one pretty cool chick. And since I’ve dubbed this squad, The Cool Kids, obviously she needs to be a part of it. It just makes sense. Emilia seems like the kind of girl that would rather spend a day avoiding the paparazzi then seeing them everyday. I don’t think she wants to be the street style queen, I think she’d rather just have a movie night with her girls. As the Cool Kids do.

The Cool Kids: Shailene Woodley


Why not just have the leads from all the major teen fandom books to films franchises? (Minus Twilight because ew!) Shailene’s almost on her way with the squad anyways, she’s totally friends with Jennifer Lawrence, even asking for her advice on taking the role of Tris in The Divergent Series. #SquadGoals

The Cool Kids: Zoë Kravitz


Once again, thanks to J-Law, Zoë is practically in The Cool Kids crew. Not only did she act with Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men First Class, but Jen also acted with Zoë’s father, Lenny Kravitz, in the Hunger Games when he played Cinna. Zoë also worked with Shailene in The Divergent Series as Christina. Plus, she’s cool and I’m obsessed with her.

What do you think of my picks for the newest squad? Would you want to hand with The Cool Kids?


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