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Why Do I Feel So Sad When Celebrity Couples Break Up?


No one likes to hear about a failed marriage, because no matter what you think about the people involved in the relationship or if you saw it coming, seeing people’s love fall apart is always sad to watch. And this is especially true when you look at celebrity marriages, because all though you never expect them to last, you’re always devastated when they don’t.

In light of the recent Hollywood break ups, here’s my take on this whole issue, most couples don’t last in Hollywood. People can blame it on the media, the insane schedules, or actor’s inability to stay loyal, but whatever the case may be, it’s hard to have your heart broken. Especially in the public’s eye. The last thing you want is to see your breakup plastered on millions of magazines, or have strangers way in on “what went wrong” and hear thousands of different “inside sources” talk about your relationship.

I know that to become a celebrity means that you’re practically giving up your rights to privacy (sad, but ultimately true), but I always hope that people can find happiness. It must get lonely up there at the top. And if you can’t find love in this world, then I ask you, what is the point? Yes some were destined to fail (JT and Britney bitch) while others needed to end no matter how much they may have loved each other (I’m looking at you Riri and Chris Brown).

Check out which celebrity breakups broke my heart. And then find out which ones I’m praying never split.

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