My Issue With The Casting of Wonder Woman

I have mentioned my absolute distaste for the casting choice of Wonder Woman in DC’s new Batman vs Superman film before. I’m sure Gal Gadot is a wonderful person, her acting isn’t even that bad after what we saw with her work in Fast and Furious, but I’m still not convinced and here’s why.

Wonder Woman is one of my all time favourite characters from DC because 1: She’s a women (girl power!) 2: She’s an epic fighter that can put Superman in his place 3: She bows down to no man, and 4: She embodied a real woman. What do I mean by a real woman? Curves!!!!!

my-issues-with-wonder-woman-castingIn this day and age, ideals of beauty are tiny tiny tiny women, and I’m sorry but that’s just not realistic. I’m not saying that to be super thin is to be ugly, it’s just that most women (myself included) can’t relate to that body type. So when Wonder Woman came along and was not only tall, but curvy (thighs touching and all), well let’s just say she was someone the average girl (like I was at the time) could look up to. Even if we weren’t all that sexy in her outfit it was nice to see muscle and not bone on a woman.

I remember the good ol’ days when Victoria Secret models looked more like Tyra Banks than Karlie Kloss. To be a VS model you had to have curves and you were traditionally seen as “bigger” than other models. To be honest, my body was more like a Victoria Secret model from back in the day. Now they’re getting smaller and smaller. There’s no way I could be seen as a VS model today (forget about it!), but in the 90s I would have been a shoe-in.

Tyra even went on this rant on her Instagram page saying how bad she feels for models today with all their pressure. Admitting that back in her prime, she was a size 6, not a 0!!!

my-issues-with-wonder-woman-castingThe point of my rant is this: I feel like we’ve stepped backwards by having someone like Gal Gadot represent years of women power with Wonder Woman. That’s not to say that she won’t play the role well, I actually think that she will do a good job, it’s just that I wish they would have gotten someone truer to what Wonder Woman represents as a whole. To me (and many others) she’s more than just a comic book character or a super hero. I mean come on! They could have at least gotten her to put on some more muscle weight or something!

How do you feel about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman? Does my rant make any sense at all? I know that Wonder Women isn’t perfect, after all, she’s a highly sexualized character, but she was still a character that represented strength, and not just beauty, in a real woman.

Don’t forget to brush up on who I think should have been cast as Wonder Woman here.


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