The Best Lost Romances


Exhilarating, groundbreaking, heartbreaking. I’m pretty sure those 3 words sum up the TV show Lost very nicely. Although this show has long since ended, I’ve decided to look back at one of the reasons this show was spectacular (for the most part).

Lost is one of my favourite shows that has ever been on TV, so I like to countdown the best things from the show. These would be the biggest twists, saddest deaths, and the best couples. Today, we’re going to look at my picks for the best Lost couple, and in case it wasn’t obvious, there are some major spoilers below.

Check out which Lost couple takes the crown.

6. Jack and Kate

What would Lost be without Jack and Kate? Let’s be honest here, for Kate, it was always Jack. Although I personally liked Sawyer and thought his personality was a better fit for Kate, she always loved Jack. She only went to Sawyer when she thought Jack was with Juliet- this is what you call jealousy and attention seeking. A lot happened in the show, but everything would always end with Jack and Kate. Love them or hate them, this is an iconic Lost couple that had to kick off my list.

5. Rose and Bernard

Rose knew Bernard wasn’t dead, even when no one else believed it. Rose and Bernard’s reunion was a beautiful moment, because they never gave up hope in each other. That’s what you call devotion. They may have had their ups and downs, but in the end, Bernard choose to stay on the island because it healed Rose of her cancer, and if she left she would have died. Bernard couldn’t stand the idea of loosing her so he stayed. Sighhh, that just gives me all the feels. 

4. Charlie and Claire

I won’t lie to you, Claire was kind of an annoying character. She was always upset/complaining or mad at Charlie, and was probably not the best mother to Aaron. But when Charlie looked at her, you could forget all her annoying traits. In the finale episode, all the characters are dead. They’ve either lived out their lives in the real world (like Kate, Sawyer, and those that escaped on the plane), died on the island (like Jack and eventually Rose and Bernard), or died throughout the show (like Locke, Mr. Eko, and Boone). Hurley created a place for their souls to go (like a purgatory) so that all the characters could deal with their demons and reunite with each other before going to Heaven, stating that they shared the most important moment of their lives together i.e being on the island. When Charlie and Claire remember each other, it’s like all the chips have fallen into place. And I, of course, bawled.

3. Jin and Sun

Somehow, Jin and Sun warmed their way into our hearts. And I think that’s why so many people fell in love with them. Jin and Sun were a couple with a million problems, but somehow, the island was able to heal their marriage and allow them to have a daughter in the process. When Sun thought Jin had died, all of our hearts broke, but it was his dedication to finding her and their reunion that was absolutely Lost perfection!

2. Desmond and Penny

You are my constant. Omgawd! Desmond and Penny ❤ Move over Once Upon A Time’s Prince Charming and Snow White, it’s Desmond and Penny that will always find each other. Homegirl traveled the world by boat to find Desmond when he was stranded on the island for years, if that’s not love, I honestly don’t know what is. And can we just talk about their phone convo in the episode Constant, when the two exchanged their love for each other and promise to find each other? Never mind, let’s just watch it below:

1. Sawyer and Juliet

I always wanted Sawyer to get over Kate and do better, so when he and Juliet got together in the season 5 I was pretty excited. I don’t think anyone say that coming, but it just worked. When she died I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard in a show’s finale (except when Lost actually ended). Luckily, we were all #blessed when Sawyer and Juliet were reunited in death with all their memories before they (along with every other Lost character- minus a few like Mr. Eko) went to Heaven. This couple perfectly expressed the point of Lost: no one is meant to be alone in this world.

Which couple was your fave?


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