Best TV Couples in Teen Drama Shows

I love TV shows, and I love TV show couples. For me, what makes a show interesting are love triangles, will-they-won’t-they plots, and twists and turns at every point. Although I’m more invested in sci-fi shows and action, I get caught in those teen drama shows (probably why I love Korean Drama shows!). So today, let’s look at the top 8 TV couples from those shows.

Unfortunately, I’ve never watched The Vampire Diares or Reign (even though I want to), so they won’t be included in this list. I’ve watched some of the original 90210, but couldn’t get into it, I never made it through Felicity or Pretty Little Liars (because at this point, I’m A) and consider shows like Boy Meets World or The Cosby Show to be more than teen drama shows, so none of these will be included in this list. And if it wasn’t obvious, there are some major spoiler alerts below! You’ve been warned.

8. Sid and Cassie from Skins

Sid and Cas made Skins amazing. The first 2 series of the hit UK show Skins was golden, and unfortunately, the magic was never quite captured again in any of the other series. Cassie was a character with many issues, mainly anorexia, low self-esteem and drug addiction. Sid was the “nice” boy in love with the hot girl (who was dating his best friend) and a virgin with low self-esteem as well. He helped Cassie deal with her issues, and in turn she helped him understand his. In Series 7, you discover that the two, ultimately, couldn’t make it work (insert cry face here).

7. Seth and Summer from The O.C

This show brings warm fuzzy feelings to my heart. All the characters had amazing chemistry with each other, whether it was father son bond with Sandy Cohen or a bromance with Seth and Ryan, the cast just flowed together nicely. Seth and Summer were adorable, she was the classic popular bitch, and he was the loner nerd. Together they brought out new sides to each other. It was so adorable watching them fall in love.

6. Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl

These two gave me serious #RelationshipGoals for sure. I loved how volatile they were together, but sometimes two bads make a right. Chuck and Blair were honestly meant for each other, and I’m so happy the show figured it out and allowed them to end up together, because I don’t know what they were thinking with all those Dan and Blair shenanigans.

5. Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill. It was once, such a good show! I kind of gave up on it around the 5th or 6th season, but it still holds a special place in my heart. The first season was absolute gold! And that’s mainly due to the romance between shy nerd Haley and bad boy turned good Nathan. This was your typical romance: the hot popular boy fell for the geek, they battled through issues like fame, teenage pregnancy, depression, and an evil father. But not to worry, Naley came out on top! #AlwaysAndForever

4. Simon and Alisha from Misfits

Ahhh, Simon and Alisha! These two came out of nowhere, and made the second season of Misfits one of the best things on TV. Both these characters bring out the best in each other, Simon making Alisha nicer and relatable, while Alisha gives Simon the confidence he’s always needed. Unfortunately, tragedy hits when Alisha’s killed. Simon goes back in time to save her, thus making her love him. Time travel’s a tricky thing to explain, but suffice it to say, they are trapped in an endless cycle of their love, with Alisha always dying and Simon always going back in time to save her and allow her to fall in love with him.

3. Clark and Lois from Smallville

Thank the Smallville gods for Lois, because I swear to you, if I had to sit through anymore of the Lana-Clark bull I was going to pluck my eyes out. Lana was single handedly the MOST annoying character of life, so when the show finally introduced Lois I was beyond ecstatic. Lois is an amazing strong female character, and her match with Clark was perfect. Yes the show took all of my life to finally bring them together, but it happened and we’re all better people for it.

2. Buffy and Angel from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

What is it about tragic love that makes such damn good TV? Buffy and Angel were doomed from the start: she was a vampire hunter, he was a vampire. And just because he had a soul, didn’t mean that the two could be together. They may have fallen for other people (Angel with Cordelia, and Buffy with her random ass spring with my fave Spike) but no one will ever compare to their love. Both shows have long since ended, and after multiple comics and graphic novels, they’re still not together. But we’ll always have their magically time in Sunnydale 😦

1. Pacey and Joey from Dawson’s Creek

Pretty much, anything Joshua Jackson does is absolute perfection for me (Fringe anyone?) but it was his role as Pacey Witter that made me fall in love with him and this show. I was already obsessed with Dawson’s Creek, but having a love triangle form between Dawson, Joey, and Pacey was everything I wanted and more. This was one of the first teenage drama TV shows that I ever watched, it taught me about love, friendship, and everything in between. Pacey being with Joey is what stopped her from being one of the most annoying characters on TV. Plus bonus! Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes dated in real life.

Which couples are your favourite on teen drama shows?

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