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These Celebs Should Make Sweet Sweet Music Together


I write under the culture section at ELLE Canada (celebrity news and pop culture), and I did a post on which musicians should duo together to make some pretty epic songs with each other (check it out here) but I want to expand that list and look at some other artists I’m dying to hear together.

Lana Del Rey and Hayden Calnin

These two are all about the lyrics. Their music holds a deeper meaning, and hides imagery behind each line. Each song touches on love and loss, two things that I think most people can relate to. But somehow, when they do it, it’s not only painful but it’s beautiful to experience. I would probably cry if they ever did a song together.

Listen to Lana Dey Rey here
Listen to Hayden Calnin here

Carly Rae Jepsen and Katy Perry

Katy Perry is the pop queen right now (followed very closely by Swifty) and Carly Rae Jepsen is just getting back in the scene with hits like I Really Like You after her massive success with Call Me Maybe. With Katy’s strength and Carly’s fresh attitude, we’d have a summer hit on our hands.

Listen to Katy Perry here
Listen to Carly Rae Jepsen here

Justin Bieber and One Direction

Because boy bands and tween boy ‘heartthrobs’ need to stick together. Plus, they’re already friends, so that’s exciting. One Direction is one member short after Zyan peaced out for a normal life (or to become a solo artist, it’s all very unclear), and Justin’s looking to reinvent himself with a squeaky clean image. These guys clearly need each other: “you complete me”!

Listen to Justin Bieber here
Listen to One Direction here

Rihanna and Rita Ora

Because they’re both weird badass women, and it just makes sense. Admit it, they even kind of look alike, no?

Listen to Rihanna here
Listen to Rita Ora here

The Weeknd and Rockie Fresh

The Weeknd started as an unknown Canadian artist, but with his on-point musical talent, he’s become a pretty regular face. Rockie Fresh is an amazing rap artist that deserves a lot more credit than he gets. The best way I can describe him is if Drake and The Weeknd got together and had a musical baby, it would be Rockie Fresh. Trust me, these two NEED to make a song together ASAP.

Listen to The Weeknd here
Listen to Rockie Fresh here

The XX and Gotye

Both The XX and Gotye are on the edge of being more known by mainstream audiences, and both were (funny enough) featured on The Great Gatsby soundtrack. If that’s not a match made in Heaven, I don’t know what is.

Listen to The XX here
Listen to Gotye here

Sia and Florence and The Machine

Just imagine these two powerhouses coming together in one epic song. I don’t think our ears would be ready for that amount of awesome.

Listen to Sia here
Listen to Florence and The Machine here

Zoë Kravitz and FKA twigs

These lovely gals are literally too cool for school. Actually. They take the artsy game to new lengths. I swear I wouldn’t even care what they were singing about, I just want to exist in a world where they’re sharing a stage together!

Listen to Zoë Kravitz here
Listen to FKA twigs here

What duo do you wish would do a song together?


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