Marvel vs DC: The Showdowns I’m Dreaming Of

I have, on occasion, imagined who would win in a fight between Marvel and DC characters in the past. I like to look at similar versions of characters like Quicksilver vs The Flash or Black Widow vs Black Canary. Now it’s time to look at the bigger picture and see which other characters would make one hell of fight.

I’d like to go through some epic grudge match fights between Marvel and DC characters. Just to see who would come out on top. You ready?!!

The Hulk vs Superman

The Hulk is virtually indestructible, anything you throw at him would just piss him off, and unfortunately making him angry just makes him more powerful. Yes Superman is ridiculously strong, but I must admit it, The Hulk is totally stronger. However, that’s not all there is to a fight. In hand-to-hand combat, The Hulk would destroy Sups (and probably a city), but Superman has other talents. He could freeze The Hulk with his breath – but he’d probably break free. He could use his heat vision and lobotomize him – but that would kill him and the Man of Steel isn’t about that life. Does this mean The Hulk would win? Not likely, Sups could just fly him into space and leave him there floating around. It probably wouldn’t kill him so Sups is all good. If not, he could lock him in the Phantom Zone.

Winner: Superman

Iron Man vs Lex Luthor

Both are brilliant rich men who built a suit of armour, one to protect as a mighty Avenger and one to take over the world and defeat Superman (Lex is still my fave though). Both are heavily equip with artillery, can fly, and have held their own with the best of them. But I’ve got to give it up to Iron Man, as a weapons specialist (in his past life of course) he’d probably beat Lex…although, Lex wouldn’t hesitate to kill him…so there’s that.

Winner: Iron Man

Elektra vs Black Canary

These ladies are superior fighters, Elektra holds her own with the likes of Daredevil while Black Canary is probably the only character that can put Batman to shame with her fighting (high praise). Although I like Elektra’s finesse of walking a fine line between good and evil, I don’t think she’d last long against Black Canary. Especially if she used her sonic cry on her. Plus, between these two lovely ladies, only one has actually been killed…granted, Elektra did get brought back to life, but still, Black Canary never died. I’m just saying.

Winner: Black Canary

Storm vs Captain Marvel

Both hold the title of being gods of thunder. Storm was worshiped by her tribe in Africa before becoming the right hand woman to Charles Xavier and joining the X-Men. Captain Marvel is kind of another version of Superman, except his alter ego is being a child. Yea, it gets confusing, but he seems like a nice guy. Storm is willing to go the distance and protect what she cares about and fight for what’s right, Captain Marvel often struggles with his youth and deciding what’s right and wrong. Sorry Cap’ but Storm would, hands down, wipe the floor with you. Being a god of thunder is no place for kids. (Just wanna add that she’d probably own Thor also, just sayin’).

Winner: Storm

Daredevil vs Batman

I must say this is a tough one to figure out. Both Daredevil and Batman are AMAZING fighters, arguably the best in their respective franchise, but there can only be one. Like my above discussion with Lex and Iron Man, Daredevil would not hesitate to kill the Dark Knight, but the question is: would he get close enough? Although this would be a fight for the ages, Batman is most definitely smarter than Daredevil, and I think that’s where things would tip in his favour. Yes Daredevil would hold his own, and could arguably beat him (possibly…) but the Bat would find a way to win with the sheer force of his brain.

Winner: Batman

Do you agree with my predictions? Who do you think would have won? Who should I pit against each other next time?

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