How Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman Tie Together


I’m pretty sure that everyone’s gotten a chance to watch the trailers for Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman right? (If you haven’t click here to watch the squad and here to watch Bats vs Sups) So now that it’s marinated in everyone’s minds, let’s look at some crossover hints that I’ve noticed and (hope) to see in the expanded DC universe.

Batman in Suicide Squad

For those of you that don’t live in Toronto, Suicide Squad was shot here and we all were privy to seeing the Joker mobile driving around with Batman on top (or at least his stunt double). This all came to light when we saw (for the briefest of moments) in the trailer Bats on the car. Why is he in Suicide Squad? Continue for my thoughts.

Death of Jason Todd

In the comic, The Joker beats Jason Todd to death (the second Robin), not only does this destroy Batman, but Todd gets resurrected and sort of becomes a villain for awhile there (enter his alter ego the Red Hood). Here’s what I’m thinking: the reason why this Batman is all beaten down and has hung up the cape in Batman vs Superman is because Jason Todd was killed, so Bats called a quits. But seeing The Joker causing havoc in the Suicide Squad and witnessing Superman destroy one of his Wayne Enterprises buildings is enough to make the Dark Knight put on his cape once more. The picture above looks like Robins old uniform that’s been signed, sealed and delivered from The Joker after Todd’s death.

The Joker Tortures Harley

This is a stretch, but bear with me. I’m not sure if The Joker and Harley Quinn already know each other in this movie or if this is where they first meet. But I have two theories for either scenario.

Scenario #1 – Just Met: Harley becomes enthralled by how carefree and psychotic The Joker is and they begin their horrible abusive relationship. At some point, she leaves the Suicide Squad to join The Joker (with whatever he’s doing). He doesn’t trust her, and tortures her to see if she’s loyal to him.

Scenario #2 – Already Know Each Other: Harley’s wise to The Joker’s tricks, it’s probably why she ended up in Arkham in the first place, but when she sees good ol’ “Mister J” she wants to stay away but just can’t help herself. The Joker reminds her that he’ll always control her and proves so with this new and improved “treatment” (because let’s remember, Harley Quinn used to be a doctor/psychologist, ironic right?)

Or he’s just torturing someone for shits and giggles because that’s what he does.

Okay, now with all of these absolutely positively PROVEN facts about the two films (otherwise known as my assumptions) are your more excited?!!


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