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Shows That Should Be Made Into Movies

Sometimes, a TV show just doesn’t cut it. So the obvious next chapter is to turn the franchise into a movie (duh!).

Successful shows like Sex And The City and Firefly made it to the big screen to give loyal fans what they’ve been waiting for. And whether this concept may be a dream or (someday) a reality, I’m going to look at which shows should have a film counterpart below. Tell me what you think!


Yes the show dragged out for quite some time, but I stuck with it (10 whole years). And I’m curious to see how they would tackle Lois and Clarks relationship, a Lex Luthor from an alternate reality with no memories of his life, the Justice League concept that they introduced, Lana (beyond annoying) wandering around in suit with all of Clarks’ powers, and finally, Chloe, and the fact that her and Oliver apparently had a son? Plus, Michael Rosenbaum was seriously the best Lex Luthor on TV. Petition to bring him back? Anyone?


I’m pretty sure this will never happen, at least not with the original cast playing the beloved characters, but a Friends film would be nothing short of epic. I just have to know how Monica and Chandler are doing out in the suburbs, does Phoebe have any kids, is Joey still single. Someone tell me.


I know that it’s getting a reboot show, but I want a full on big budget action movie that features the entire original cast (who are still alive). I want to see what happens now that idiot Claire has revealed their powers to the world. I was so invested in the first 2 (borderline 3) seasons, I must find out where the characters all end up.


This was an excellent show that surrounded a group of delinquent kids in London, who were each given powers that reflected their personality…and of course, shenanigans ensue. Misfits tried to hold on, but they just couldn’t get it together after the original cast left (and/or died). And although many are on to other projects (Game of Thrones anyone?) I want a film that brings the original 5 characters back. I know that would be tough since SPOILER Curtis and Alisha died (and Simon as well), but they should find a way. Give Curtis back his power to control time and fix it. I don’t care how, JUST DO IT.


I would be interested to see an Alias movie that has a serious time jump, I want to see what Sydney and Vaughn’s daughter is up to. Especially since the show had an ambiguous ending that hinted towards the possibility of their daughter becoming a spy, whether she wants to or not, mirroring the idea that Sydney never had a choice to be in that life. I think the film should look at how their daughter gets dragged into the same world as her parents. Oh, and Sark definitely needs to be in the film somehow.


Granted, most of the characters all died, but I think the film should focus on a new star, Caesar. The Spartacus film should pick up right where the show left off and look at the rise and fall of the mighty Caesar; this is something that could span into multiple movies but hey, the more the merrier right?


Fringe had a somewhat abrupt ending, and I have A LOT of questions that needed to be answered. Like for example, if they got rid of the Observers, then who saved Peter from drowning in the lake? Better yet, Walternate wouldn’t have gotten distracted by the Observer and saved Peter; therefore the war between two worlds wouldn’t have happened. Olivia and Peter would have never met, so the happy little ending is just not a thing. I need a film to help explain what in the hell just happened there. Plus, I want more Joshua Jackson in my life.

Sons of Anarchy

Again, this is another show where most of the character died in the end. For the film, they should go back and concentrate on Jax’s father, John Teller, mother Gemma, and stepfather Clay. I want to see how the club started, when his dad went to Ireland and fell in love, the process of Gemma and Clay’s affair, when baby Jax was born, the loss of his baby brother…. honestly I could go on for days. I just want to see how it all began. Imagine the final scene being the death of John Teller, and right before he dies, he sees flashes of Jax’s life growing up, including scenes from the show and up until SPOILER Jax’s death. It would be beautiful.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel

I just need to know. Do Buffy and Angel end up together? Like seriously, I can’t take this crap.

What show do you wish had a movie?


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