Disney Princes and Princesses in Real Life


So this is what they would look like? Interesting.

Ever wonder what your beloved Disney Princesses and Princes would look like in real life? Well you’re in luck, because artist Jirka Väätäinen has made all of our wishes come true. Take a look below!

And if you’re still trapped in the Disney mood, check out my fave Disney princes here, the all time best Disney trailer you’ll ever see here (seriously, just all the feels), and the top 5 Disney princesses here.

Just for fun, I’ve also added my take on which real life stars I’d cast in each role.

Prince Charming from Cinderella as Matt Bomer:


Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid as Henry Cavill:


Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty as Colton Haynes:


John Smith from Pocahontas as Chris Hemsworth:

disney-princes-and-princesses-in-real-life- 04

Aladdin as Avan Jogia:


Tarzan as Aaron Taylor-Johnson:


Cinderella as Dianna Agron:


Aurora from Sleeping Beauty as Gabriella Wilde:


Belle from Beauty and The Beast as Lucy Hale:


Ariel from The Little Mermaid as Emma Stone:


Pocahantas as Shay Mitchell:


Mulan as Arden Cho:


Jasmine from Aladdin as Freida Pinto:


Snow White as Alexis Bledel:


Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame as Jessica Szohr:


Who would you cast as each character?

13 thoughts on “Disney Princes and Princesses in Real Life”

    1. Yikes, Emma Watson is lovely but was such an awkward Belle in the live-action movie. Sorry, she doesn’t particularly look the part and her acting is sub-par. That live-action ruined my favourite Disney movie.


  1. also if we could switch Matt Bommer for Prince Eric i feel like that would suit Erics gentle good looks, i LOVE superman but his facial feautres are a little too harsh for Erics looks…

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