VMA’s 2015: Here’s What You Missed

The biggest night for MTV has come and gone! Here’s what you missed.

So, first things first, Justin Bieber looks like this now:
It’s okay to be shocked. We all were. Plus, did he cry at the end of his performance or…

The VMA’s had a lot to offer last night. First off, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift swashed any bad blood they had on Twitter with a joint performance. In case you live under a rock, recently Minaj took to Twitter to express her annoyance with MTV for not nominating her Anaconda video, saying that this happens to black female artists time and time again. Arguing that if a skinny white woman does a suggestively revealing video it’s empowering, but when she does it it’s dirty and sexual. Suffice it to say, Swifty thought Minaj was calling her out and Twitter exploded with either Team Nicki or Team Taylor.

Miley was the host so, you know, that was just one hot mess. She had like a million wardrobe changes, closed the show with a dance party (lead by her Happy Hippie Foundation, and released her new album for free.

Jeremy Scott redesigned the Moonman trophies, giving them rainbow hues and a peace chain, because, why not. Taylor Swift squashed another beef by presenting Kanye West the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, putting that whole now infamous VMA incident from 2009 (when West jumped on stage after Swift beat out Beyonce, proclaiming that “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.”) to rest.

The Weeknd’s performances was absolutely amazing (#Obvi), Minaj called out Cyrus for siding with Swift during their beef, and we were all reminded by how much Smiley Miley likes marijuana.

Oh, and Kanye announced that come 2020, he’ll be running for president during his acceptance speech. All hail yeezus!

Check out my fave looks from the show below!

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