Mortal Kombat Dream Cast

20 years ago, the Mortal Kombat film hit the big screens and subsequently blew everyone out of the water. And while I was too young to watch the movie in theaters, I have seen the films, and they are in desperate need of a reboot.

If you’ve been keeping up to date, YouTube has been the place to go for all your live action Mortal Kombat news! First there was the incredible short film Mortal Kombat Rebirth that gave nerds everywhere the chills. It took a realistic take on the mythical world of Mortal Kombat and, surprisingly, did an amazing job.

Then there’s the ever-addicting wedisodes show, Mortal Kombat Legacy, and if you haven’t seen that, then you’re missing out. This is every gamers dream; it takes the story from the game and puts it on screen. No muss, no fuss. Just perfect.

I like to imagine who I’d cast in films if I had the choice, so below is who I’d pick for each role. And before you say it, there are many characters that I didn’t get to because I just looked at my favourites and who is most relevant to the plot.

Check out my Mortal Kombat dream cast below! And while you’re at it, check out my dream cast for The Mortal Instruments here

Do you agree with my list?

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