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The Struggle Is Real: What All Women In Their 20s Fear

I was trolling the internet (as one does) and stumbled across this article on Cosmo that hit home for me. Fears that every twenty something woman has.

As I read through the post, I couldn’t help but feel like each point was directed right towards me. It was like “They totally get me!” At first it was a depressing read, but then it got me thinking that maybe I wasn’t alone with my fears. That just maybe, this is the next phase in my life.

You know how when you’re a child, everything is rainbows and butterflies? Then when you become a teen, it’s all angst and worry. Once you hit university you flop around from being an adult to being wasted every night. And once you graduate, it’s like real life comes and punches you in the face. So you (naturally) face plant, wallow, and constantly worry about what to do next. Yep, sounds like being in yours twenties to me.

The article goes through 14 fears women in their twenties have. Here are the ones that nailed it for me:

The ever-present, overwhelming fear that you will spend time only reading about things on the Internet as opposed to actually doing them.
Guilty as charged. I can be stuck on Instagram for hours going through people’s accounts who’s lives seem like much more fun than mine. They travel, they’re beautiful…they’re just plain perfect. And all I can think is: I would do that if I was rich, beautiful, had a boyfriend, blah, blah.

No matter how many times you are told otherwise, you will always be convinced that everyone hates you.
I’m convinced that my boss hates me, new people I meet don’t actually like me, my friends only tolerate me, and that boys will only talk to me so that they can get to my friends that are way hotter and cooler than me.

I’m obsessed with the idea that there’s no point to anything. Like why did I study so hard, work so hard, and spend so much money on university just to be in the same spot as everyone else? How is what I’m doing any different from the millions of others? I have a cousin that seriously messed up his life in high school. He was always in trouble, dropped out of school, and looked like he was going nowhere fast. Well, now that cousin has a job (where he makes more than me) has a car, a girlfriend, and seems happy. WFT?!! I just want what I do to be important. I just want what I did not to be a waste. I just want to make a difference and be important to someone.

No, really. The how-fast-should-I-be-progressing-in-my-career fear is Real.
Am I moving at the right pace? Am I behind everyone else? Am I even in the right career?!!!??

Are you destined to be a Cat Lady? Is that even a bad thing?
Well, I do love cats. So is it really bad that I’ll probably end up alone with a bunch of cats that I call my children? Why is everyone around me dating and/or getting married? Seriously, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something wrong with me.

If only everyone would stop telling you that you are currently living the ~best days of your life~, maybe you wouldn’t be so anxious about how you spend them.
Please don’t tell me that these are the best years of my life. That’s just the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard. So the best years of my life consist of me worrying about all this bullshit and being alone while the world around me has fun..JOY.

Understanding money is hard, but should you, as an adult, understand it better?
I literally know nothing. Is it bad that I call my dad and my sister about all my woes? I went to the bank the other day and I literally had no clue what they were talking about. I was like “Hmmm right, Father? Does this make sense to you? Yes? Okay, let’s do it then!”

It’s hard to think positively about what you’ll look like in the future when it’s universally assumed that women look best in their 20s.
Sooo…I’m not going to wake up one day and look like a goddess? This is it? This is the prettiest I’ll ever be. Great.

Any of these fears sound familiar to you?



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