This Batman Theory Is Everything

There’s a fan theory flying around the internet about the truth behind Batman. Apparently, being the dark knight is all in his head…and to be honest, it seems very likely to me.

It all begins with an idea that poor little Bats suffered a trauma as a child. One so deep that it caused him to be sent to a children’s psych ward, and as he got older, he eventually checked into Arkham Asylum. A place that Batman has tried to escape on many occasions; coincidence? Or was young Bruce Wayne trying to escape the actual asylum? Leaving all his demons behind him.

batman-insane-theoryEach villain Bruce faces is simply just a doctor, a psychiatrist, or even a janitor that works in Arkham. However, Batman sees them as enemies that only he can conquer. After all, he is one of the greatest super heroes in the DC universe.

The Joker is actual Dr. Joe Car who’s trying tireless to work with Bruce as a friend and reach him with jokes. Bruce transforms him into a sinister clown, using his jokes to destroy Batman.

Catwoman is a nurse that Bruce has a crush on, he thinks of her as somewhat of an ally, but she still works for Arkham and makes him take his medication, so he doesn’t completely trust her; she’s still a villain.

The list goes on and on: The Mad Hatter is Bruce’s hypnotherapist, Harley Quinn is Dr. Joe Car’s assistant and girlfriend, Two Face is an abusive orderly that acts like everyone’s friend, and Poison Ivy is the groundskeeper.

Even some of his fellow patients are villains Batman faces. Like killer Croc and perhaps even Bane. A patient that Bruce is jealous of, perhaps he gets more attention from Catwoman, and so Bruce sees him as his biggest physical opponent? Just a theory.

So what do you think?
Could the story of Batman all be in his head?
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I suppose watching your parents murder right before your eyes can have that affect on a child.



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