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Most Memorable Dances on So You Think You Can Dance

Reality TV is one of my guilty vices. And while I may watch some mindless junk on TV (I’m looking at you Bad Girls Club), there are some pretty amazing reality shows out there. And none can beat the fantastic So You Think You Can Dance!

I thought it would be fun to go through my favourite dances from this award winning show! I limited myself to only picking under 20 (trust me, that was tough enough), so below are my favourites dances thus far! Watch them and tell my what you think!

Which dance takes your number 1 spot?

19. “Fuego” — Pasha and Lauren, Season 3

18. “Fix You” — Robert and Allison (Season 7)

17. “Dreaming With A Broken Heart” — tWitch and Kherington (Season 4)

16. “Time” — Lacey and Neil (Season 3)

15. “Bang Bang” — Alex and Eliana (Season 9)

14. “I Know You Want me” — Top 16 Dance (Season 5)

13. “Mercy” — Katee and tWitch (Season 4)

12. “The Garden” — Courtney and Mark (Season 4)

11. “Sweet Dreams” — Neil and Sabra (Season 3)

10. “Total Eclipse of The Heart” — Melanie and Neil (Season 8)

9. “Circle of Life” — Top 10 and All Stars(Season 9)

8. “I Got You” — Melanie and Marko (Season 8)

7. “Outta Your Mind” — Twitch and Alex (Season 7)

6. “If It Kills Me” — Jeanine and Jason (Season 5)

5. “Gravity” — Kayla and Kupono (Season 5)

4. “Falling Slowly” — Karla and Jonathan (Season 5)

3. “Finale” — Twitch, Comfort, Cyrus and Christopher Scott (Season 9)

2. “Turn to Stone” — Melanie and Marko (Season 8)

1. “This Woman’s Work” — Melissa and Ade (Season 5)


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