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Best Celebrity Lip Sync Battles

Admit it, you’ve been known to get stuck lurking YouTube videos until 3 am in the morning! For me, my guilty pleasure happens to be watching lip sync battles! What can I say? They’re just so damn funny.

Below is my list of the best celebrity lip sync battles so far. Got any idea which star stole my number 1 spot?

7. Tom Cruise

This made me die of laughter and feel really uncomfortable all at the same time. And now, whenever I listen to this song by The Weeknd, all I see is Tom Cruise’s face.

7. Anne Hathaway

She’s the queen of impersonations, but Anne Hathaway took things to whole new levels when she went up against Emily Blunt in one hell of a lip sync battle! At around 2:19, she came in like a wrecking ball.

6. The Rock

Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that The Rock is smoking hot (like SMOKING) so seeing him jam out to “Tay Tay” is the most hilarious thing you’ll see all day.

5. Will Ferrell

Did he just come up against Queen B and win? Yep. That just happened.

4. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant

These two seriously committed to each song! I couldn’t decide who was better, so they’ve tied for fourth place. And seriously, can we talk about Joseph Gordon Levitt breaking it down to that super bass?

3. Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres

What can I say about these two comedic power houses? Did anyone seriously expect anything but perfection to come from those two? That would be a no! Watch from 5:30 onwards, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Anna Kendrick

Seriously, is there nothing this lady can’t do? She’s just so cool! Anna Kendrick went up against John Krasinski and absolutely murdered him. Start watching around 3:27 because that’s when things really start to get exciting!

1. Emma Stone

Not only is the lovely lady a serious girl crush of mine, but she’s one hell of a rapper. Ludacris has nothing on her. She shut down haters and put Jimmy Fallon in his place (and that would be last place). She’s the clear winner of this list.


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