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Confusing Doesn’t Even Cover It: Take A Look At This Family Drama

Alright guys, I’m definitely going to need your help with this one. I meet someone the other day with the most complicated family drama of life. Let’s dig in shall we?

So they’re these 2 brothers, let’s call them Jim and John. Jim’s married to Lisa while John’s married to Emily, but before John married Emily, he dated Mary, who’s now married to Mark. With me so far?

Jim and Lisa have a son, Jamie. John and Emily have a daughter named Jenny, and Mary and Mark have a daughter named Maggie. Here’s where it gets complicated. Mary and John had an affair where she got pregnant, so they have a son Glenn.

Now here’s where I got super confused. The kids are all friends (ish) and go to school together, where Mary and Mark’s daughter, Maggie is now dating Jim and Lisa’s son Jamie….WTF?

Technically, Maggie and Jamie are in no way related. But her half brother, Glenn (who’s parents are Mary and John) is related to Jamie, they’re cousins! Tell me this isn’t strange right?

Imagine if you were dating a girl who’s half brother was your cousin?

Now, let’s just walk through this. So Maggie’s mother and father are in no way shape or form related to Jamie’s parents. Her mother just happened to date Jamie’s father’s brother (Jim). Talk about confusing!

Lost? Me to! Here’s a nice little map I created to clear things up below:

What do you think about this confusing family dynamic? Is it weird, or is it just me?


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