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Cutes Animal Instagrams You Should Follow

I’m guilty. I get stuck trolling the internet for cute animal things to watch. Sue me alright? I just love small, adorable, fluffy things.

Animals online are literally everywhere, but my fave outlet is Instagram! Adorable animal Insta’s are my saving grace when I’m sitting around bored with nothing to do. I whip out my phone and troll through my favourite animal Insta’s out there!

Sit back and enjoy these adorable animals below! You’re welcome.
Which ones do you find most adorable?

Account: Collection of adorable furry creatures
Followers: 2.4m

Account: Marnie The Dog
Followers: 1.8m

Remember when I went shopping? Haha #tbt

A post shared by Marnie The Dog (@marniethedog) on

Account: Moustache Cat
Followers: 293k

Account: Frenchie
Followers: 48.5k

😴 Back from a 12 day vacay 😴 ✌🏻️✨

A post shared by dearbeta (@dearbeta) on

Account: The Ever Famous Grumpy Cat
Followers: 943k

A post shared by Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat) on

Account: This Little Piggy Jamon
Followers: 58.6k


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