It’s Here: Star Wars The Force Awakens Full Trailer

Okay, so I had a minor freak out with the release of the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens, but now that the full trailer has finally come out, I had the biggest nerdgasm of life!

So first things first, nerds everywhere are loosing their minds because they don’t believe that this trailer features Luke Skywalker. However, I’m not. Why? Because I have a feeling this film is leading up to finding Luke. I think that he’s pulling a Yoda and living off the land (or marsh) somewhere alone. Or is he? Because I believe that we do actually see Luke in the trailer placing his black mechanical hand on R2-D2. And R2 would make lovely company.


We’ve got a new sith character (kinda) portrayed by Adam Driver named Kylo Ren, and he is taking his Vader fanboy worship to new levels. Ren is talking to the mask of Darth Vader saying that he’s going to finish what Vader started….goodie. And he’s somehow seemed to master Vader’s infamous death choke, so that’s a bonus. There’s a new sherif in town, and he’s got a serious case of Darth Vader obsession.

We have what looks to be an epic lightsaber battle between the dark and light side of the force, with John Boyega’s Finn wielding a blue lightsaber against Ren. And let me tell yea, Finn looks terrified, like he’s about to shit his pants. Real talk though, if Darth Vader’s fanboy was coming at me with his intense lightsaber, I’d be terrified also.


So big bad Kylo Ren asked Rey who she is and she replies “I’m no one”….yea I doubt that sweetie! I have a theory that she’s somehow tied to Ren or maybe even one of the other characters (here’s hoping it’s Luke or Han Solo!), it’s not just fate that she stumbled across the crashed Star Destroyer at the beginning of this trailer. I’m sure she’s got her own story to tell (#CantWait!).

My only question is where’s the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o? I mean seriously!

Check out this epic trailer below! And sing with me Star Waaaars! Nothing but Star Waaaars! Nothing but Star Waaaars, aaaaaall daaaay LONNNNNNG!


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