Top 10: The Best Star Wars Characters

Last week was huge! The Six Gods granted us three amazing wishes in Toronto: The new Star Wars trailer, The Jays stealing a massive win, and Justin Trudeau winning for the Liberal Party. In honour of Star Wars, I decided to look at the top 10 characters in the series! Enjoy and may the force be with you!

10.Qui-Gon Jinn
There weren’t many good things about the prequel series, but I really liked Qui-Gon’s character. Played by the amazing Liam Neeson, he brought a certain elegance to the character that was responsible for the idea of training Anakin Skywalker in the Jedi arts. You can see that Obi-Wan takes a lot of his leadership and strength ideals from Qui-Gon’s character, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

9. Princess Leia
Leia represented a lot of things for me, but I mainly loved her for being a strong female character taking control in a predominantly male film. I loved it when she called Chewbacca a walking carpet, when she grabbed a gun and made a path for her ‘rescuers’ Luke and Han, and when she refused to leave the base while being attacked in Episode 5. She’s a feisty one!

8. Darth Maul
Darth Maul was so freaking cool! He didn’t say much, but that was kinda what made him amazing. He took on two jedi’s (and sadly killed one) and was the first to have an epic and different lightsaber. Plus, his unique fighting style was the best thing about Episode 1.

7. Chewbacca
Chewy. Is. Just. Awesome. Drop the mic.

6. Obi-Wan Kenobi
I liked Obi-Wan in Episode 1, but I hated him in the rest of the prequel series. When I think of Old Ben, I like to think of him from the original series. A gentle, yet firm old man that guided Luke on his path to fulling his destiny of becoming a jedi. Obi-Wan was an amazing fighter who understood the importance of sacrifice and duty.

5. Yoda
I love me some Yoda! One of the first things we see him do (after attacking R2-D2 with his walking stick) was effortlessly lift Luke’s plane into the air just to show that he could. Such a boss. He’s the most powerful of all the jedi’s, going up against the likes of Darth Sidious and Count Dooku.

4. C-3PO
C-3PO spends all 6 films monologuing what we are all thinking. He was always on edge, constantly questioning what was happening, and using sarcasm to mask his fear. Admit it, his conversations with R2-D2 were highlights in the films. Best line: We’re doomed

3. Darth Vader
Now, this let’s not confuse this character with the whinny teenage angst that was Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader was literally a character that represented fear reincarnated. And seriously, that voice though!

2. R2-D2
R2-D2 knows all and can do no wrong. He’s hilarious, sassy, and stands as an outsider looking in. He constantly calls C-3PO an idiot (I’m guessing) and seems to understand the bigger picture at all times. I just love his beeping noises! Growing up, R2-D2 was one of my all time fave characters, mainly just because he can constantly be seen wandering around during battles.

1. Han Solo
Who didn’t love Han Solo, the space pilot? Han Solo always comes out on top, because he’s Han, and he always wins. For example, the good ol’ “Han shot first” argument: Did Han shoot Greedo first (making him a quick thinker) or did he sit down and without flinching or thinking, shoot Greedo like a boss in Episode 4? My take? Who cares, Han is the awesome scruffy looking guy that gets the girl, saves the day, and isn’t even the hero! #winning!

We love you Han….trust me, he knows.


7 thoughts on “Top 10: The Best Star Wars Characters

  1. Thank you for remembering Qui-Gon… so many so-called ‘serious’ Star Wars fans totally disregard the first three movies, ignoring the facts that a) they’re a legitimate part of the story, and in some fans’ view the better part, and b) if not for the ‘prequels’ Lucasfilm would never have been hot enough property for Disney to be interested in buying it out and making the next movies.
    And yes, I totally agree with you about Obi-Wan in the Phantom Menace (not so much about Episodes II and III, though…)

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