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Top 10: Best Instrumental Songs Out There!

Instrumental music is one of my all time fave things to listen to. And while that may come as a surprise to some, I hope to show you why I find this music so damn captivating.

I love music that evokes an emotion out of me. There’s something that’s so epic about listening to an instrumental song that just brings out all the feels! I’m taking songs that you hear in epic movie trailers, during a heart breaking dance, or in a film.

Below are my top 10 picks of the best instrumental songs out there! What’s your number 1?

10. “Leia’s News/Light of the Force (Medley)” by John Williams

It’s Star Wars. Do I need any other explanation?

9. “My Name Is Lincoln” by Steve Jablonsky

This song has been in a lot of films, from The Island to Avatar, but it always holds the same feeling of hope, freedom, and adventure. Well done Mr. Jablonsky!

8. “Glacial Supremacy” by Pfeifer Broz. Music

All I can say is, Harry Potter brought me to this song in the trailer for the final film ❤

7. “Audiomachine” by Prologue & Birth

In university, I had to read the book Life of Pi, and I hated it. That it, up until the end when SPOILER ALERT a twist was included that somehow made the character insanely relatable. Like the rest of the world, I never thought this book could be translated onto the big screen, boy was I wrong. The trailer for Life of Pi alone made me cry, just imagine what the film did to me? The trailer had no words to let you know what the film was about, yet it managed to capture your attention with this amazing song and the spectacular visuals that director Ang Lee brought to life.

6. “The Island Awaits You” By Steve Jablonsky

Fun fact, composer Steve Jablonsky can also be seen in films like Enders Game and Transformers. But here’s what will really blow your mind, he composed the music in the computer game The Sims 3 (there was once a time when I was obsessed with the Sims – guilty as charged) and Metal Gear Solid 2 which won E3’s best original score in 2001.

5. Journey To The Line by Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is one of my favourite composers of all time. To be honest, this list could have easily just been a top 10 of his best work. I first heard this powerful song in the film Saving Private Ryan, but it wasn’t until the trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past that I fell in love with it.

4. “Sun and Stars” by Really Slow Motion

This song hits home for me. I found it be accident when I discovered an epic YouTube made compilation of all the Disney classics in one trailer (click here to watch it, you won’t be disappointed). It’s been on repeat ever since.

3. “Nero” by Two Steps From Hell

I wish I had a talent. If I could choose, it would be between being a contemporary dancer (like in So You Think You Can Dance) and being a pianist. This song is some of the most beautiful playing I’ve heard.

2. “Time” by Hans Zimmer

Who hear hasn’t seen the film Inception? If you haven’t stop reading this and watch it. NOW. The final scene is absolutely touching, and it’s mainly due to this song (once again, by Hans Zimmer). It’s so beautiful that I don’t even care if the spinning top falls or not in the film. All levels of reality are valid.

1. “Outro” by M83

M83 is simply out of this world. They are one of my favourite bands, and this is my favourite song in the entire world! I was introduced to them and this amazing song with the trailer from the spectacular film Cloud Atlas. Not many people liked or understood this film, but it stands as one the best things I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you for introducing me to “Outro” it’s absolute genius.


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