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All The People Lana Del Rey Needs To Work With ASAP

I like to imagine artists coming together for one amazing mash up song. And while it has been known to happen on an occasion or two (I’m looking at you The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey!), there’s an entire list of people that I think the beautiful Lana Del Rey should 100% collab with!

Below are song artists that should seriously consider working with Lana Del Rey! And if you want to see more wish lists, click right here to satisfy that need. Bonus! I’ve got another pick for a Lana Del Rey collab on that earlier post!

Florence and The Machine
I don’t think there’s anyone that powerhouse Florence can’t sing with. Like at all. Lana’s soothing voice would balance out the strength that Florence portrays out nicely, and we’d have the perfect song.

Listen to Florence and The Machine – Breath of Life here

I’ve already outline my extreme case of worship for Sia here, for her it’s all about the lyrics, just like it is for Lana. The two could create a song full of hidden meanings, pathetic fallacies, and lyrical imagery. Sign me up please.

Listen to Sia – Alive here

BANKS is literal perfection. Her melody is so perfectly in tune with Lana Del Rey’s that I’m frankly surprised they haven’t done a song together already.

Listen to BANKS – Brain here

FKA twigs
FKA twigs is what some people could call ‘odd’. But I think it’s a good odd, and one that could work to Lana’s benefit, seeing as how she can be described as quite ‘odd’ herself. Two odds make a right, right?

Listen to FKA twigs – Two Weeks here

Lana and Lorde would make the most depressing yet beautiful song alive. It’s one that could only get better if Adele was on the track as well. 3-way anyone?

Listen to Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat here

I recently discovered RAIGN and can’t stop listening to her. Not that anyone could replace my love for Lana, but RAIGN may just definitely be a close second.

Listen to RAIGN – Knocking on Heaven’s Door here

James Vincent McMorrow
I first heard of James Vincent McMorrow when he covered Lana Del Rey’s song West Coast, so I thought it would be fun for the two to collab with each other, since he’s also clearly a fan.

Listen to James Vincent McMorrow’s cover here

London Grammar
London Grammar seems to understand everything that I’m feeling. I’ve gone back and forth on trying to figure out what song of theirs is my favourite and I just can’t seem to pick one. They’re so soothing and so intense with their music. Sometimes their songs even sound like ones Lana herself would have written.

Listen to London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years here

Ruelle’s definitely getting her day in the sun, as her music is featured in shows like Teen Wolf and Reign. I think her and Lana together would create an eerie song that I would listen to over and over and over again.

Listen to Ruelle – Take It All here

Say Lou Lou
One of my friends from work and I have this thing where we email each other songs that fall under what we call “Lana Del Rey’s jurisdiction”. Say Lou Lou perfectly fits this description, trust me!

Listen to Say Lou Lou – Peppermint here

Which artists do you think Lana Del Rey should work with?


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